FALA West Africa

Fallen African
literary Award


The Center’s goal is to foster and sustain an interest in Literature, Music, and the Fine Arts by identifying and encouraging individual artists. 6 awards for literature are awarded annually, including the Marcus Garvey Prize and the Martin Luther Prize for Literary Translation.

The award recognizes authors that make important contributions to understanding racism and help develop an appreciation of the rich diversity of human cultures.


  • To enter, submit an original work of art (this could be poetry, drama, prose, music, artwork or any other form of art, written in English on the subject of ‘Fallen African Heroes’.
  • Entry fee: USD 10 submission fee.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit.
  • There is no age limit.
  • The closing date for receipt of entries is 30 November 2020 at midnight.
  • Once selected, the winner will be contacted by email or telephone.
  • Copyright remains with the author but ICLR reserves the right to be the first to publish or arrange a broadcast of selected works. The right to use the works to further publicise this award is also retained.
  • Submission of a written piece implies the author’s acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  • ICLR reserves the right to change the prizes in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


  • Marcus Garvey Prize (For Literature)
  • Marcus Garvey Multimedia award
  • FALA Music Award
  • FALA Literary Award
  • Frederick Douglas Illustration Award
  • Martin Luther Humanitarian Expression Award