Exchange Program

ISEP 2021

Immersion and Culture

Immersion Programs that obligate students to speak entirely in the their target languages make up the greater part of the program. There is no immersion without cultural participation.

City Tours/Work Scheme

Participants will visit important city sites and historical landmarks to consolidate cultural antecedent. Participants may also engage in paid work.

General information

International Student Exchange Program

Please read the information carefully

Program title: International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)
Program code: ISEP21/01
Session: Summer/Autumn

The International Exchange Program gives participants the opportunity of travel experience to their respective target countries. Candidates will have the choice of selecting either the International Tour Program (ITP) or the International Work Scheme (IWS). The ITP is the best choice for candidates with a demanding work or academic schedule, who wish to have a culture and tourism experience of their target countries. The IWS will include a work scheme which will also give participants the opportunity to engage in paid work in their respective target countries.

Eligibility Criteria
• Participants must have participated in the ICDC Advanced Language Acquisition Program.
• Must possess a valid International Passport.
• Can Communicate in English
How To Apply
Applicants fill the online form before proceeding to the application fee.

Since conception in 2019, ICLR has trained over 12,000 candidates in over 7 different languages. We have trained more than 3,000 polyglots using an efficient method of language acquisition. The comprehensive input method has proven to be effective and commendable in language acquisition.

Our vision is to create and promote unity by bridging the gaps that exist in language and cultural diversity. We believe we can unify people from different parts of the world by giving them socio-cultural exposure and appreciation of foreign cultures.