From your time as a student to your post-graduate experience as an alumni, ICLR’s support and amenities continue, as a result of your connection to the ICLR Alumni Network, now over 22,000 people.

ICLR Alumni

We are one of the largest, most diverse institutions in the USA with over 30,000 students in USA, and a further 40,000 studying across 180 countries with ICLR.

ICLR was established by Briggs in 2019 for the public benefit and it is recognized globally. Throughout our great history, ICLR has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a world leader in higher education, the Institutions has pioneered change in the sector.

Enjoy Benefits & Privileges

ICLR Alumni Connect

The ICLR Alumni Association is excited to announce the arrival of ICLR Alumni Connect. This is a new community building platform for ICLR’s alumni. It is the only place online where you can find, and connect with, all 22,000 ICLR’s alumni. All alumni are automatically enrolled!

Sponsorship programs

We grant language proficiency certifications and  professional competency attestations. We also help students prepare for international certification examinations. 

Free Library Access

All students and alumni have access to our library. Filled with over 2,000 resources to groom all our students and prepare them through out the program.