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International Language Certificate Course (ILCC)

Start your journey in your target language(s)

International Certificate Diploma Course (ICDC)

Become a language professional


Equip your kids and steer them into their respective careers.

International Exchange program (IEP)

Experience the cultures and tradition of foreign countries.

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ICLR Language Sponsorship Program

We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

We provide a method of language acquisition that is profound and easy to learn. We have trained more than 12,000 Language professionals around the world.

International Center for Language Resources (ICLR) was established by Briggs Multinational Limited in 2019 in Delaware, USA. The method of teaching was reviewed by Briggs Research Institute in August, 2019. The Center has trained more than 12,000 language professionals since then with virtual centers in Dominican Republic, Portugal, Nigeria, Ghana and other countries worldwide.

Education Services

ICLR is a recognized educational institution.

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Professional Certification

ICLR provides the ILCC Certificate and the ICDC Diploma

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Certificate and Diploma

ICLR Certificate and Diploma is recognized round the world.

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International Exchange Program

Selected candidates have a first hand experience of international culture.

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Self Development

Why Study with ICLR?

ICLR was established to bridge the gap in language learning. We have made a lot of research into the comprehensive input method of learning and developed a method of learning that is unique, quick and effortless.

Self Development

Self development and language acquisition can not be separated. Our lectures and assessment are created with the knowledge that everybody is unique. We have created a learning method that is interactive and tailored to different kinds of people.


The ICLR method of teaching focuses on equipping students with the necessary skills to learn on their own and at their own pace. 


The ICLR Alumni Association is excited to announce the arrival of ICLR Alumni Connect. This is a new community building platform for ICLR’s alumni. It is the only place online where you can find, and connect with, all 22,000 ICLR’s alumni. All alumni are automatically enrolled!


International Language Certificate Course (ILCC)

Ready to launch into your respective careers?

International Certificate Diploma Course (ICDC)

For language professionals who have already completed the ILCC with the center.

Waivers & Financial AID

ICLR was established by Briggs in 2019 for the public benefit and it is recognized globally.

Donation helps us

The Campaign for the ICLR Language Sponsorship is the largest fundraising campaign in history. With a historic $100 million goal, the campaign is expanding U of T’s global leadership capacity.

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